an uncapitolized watan

Created and performed by Leila and Noelle Awadallah

Where do ancestral roots live; do they criss cross like a braid through your spine? Flickering visions you think you’ve seen before... Awaken. The retraumatizing forces pull again on guts as violence returns on screens. Ancestral cells shaking, from generations of lives under occupation - lives that that led to you. Where is home in the body and where is home in the land? Searching for an uncapitolized watan.

Filming, editing, and performance by: Leila and Noelle Awadallah // Sound: Jerusalem in My Heart // audio recordings by Leila Awadallah

Screenings: Video Variant 2019 - MIZNA: Arab Film Festival 2018 - Inbox at the Artbox 2018 - Media Days 2018

reflections on ice: climate change in peru

reflections on ice: climate change in peru is a piece created in response to what I learned while living in the Peruvian Andes and rainforests. This piece emerged from three interconnected ideas. First: the reality Peru is facing as glaciers have begun melting faster. Glacier run off from the mountains is the main source of fresh water in Peru and once the glaciers are gone, access to water will be / already is being threatened. Second, an Inkan story about the origin of corn shared by Valentin Quispe Huaman which reminds us of indigenous connection with land and agriculture; corn water, and sun. Third, it is a movement investigation of putting the act of melting into the body while reflecting on our dependence on water to sustain life, and our inevitable depletion without it.


Conceptualized, performed, edited and directed by: Leila Awadallah // Filmed by: Bridget Bennett // Oral story shared by: Valentine Quispe Huaman // Music: Straya


Dance Flicks 2016 - ACDA 2017 - Video Variant 2018

Vanishing Point

A collaboration with Leila Awadallah, Judith Howard, and Morgan Veldhuizen. Based on the poem Mona Lisa by Su Love.

Director: Judith Howard // Performer: Morgan Veldhuizen // Filming and Editing: Leila Awadallah // Sound by: Matmos, Jerusalem in My Heart, Bailey 26 Cogan // Commissioned: Su Love


Bryant Lake Bowl 2019 - University of MN Morris 2019 - Open Book 2019

Life Drawings

A dance film inspired by the poem Life Drawings by Su Love.

Choreographed & Directed: Becky Heist // Filmed & Edited: Leila Awadallah // Performed: Catlin Murphy and Jennifer Mack // Original Musical Composition: Mark Engelmann // Audio Recording: Alex Simpson // Sound Editing: Leila Awadallah // Costume Design: Greta Wenzel // Commissioned: Su Love


Bryant Lake Bowl 2019 - University of MN Morris 2019 - Open Book 2019

between us a fault line

Director: Christopher Watson // Animation and Editing: Leila Awadallah // Performers: Megan Bridges, Ryan Parent, John Surber, Anne-Marie Wittenberg // Music: Hilary James // Poems & Reading: Su Love // Commissioned: Su Love


Bryant Lake Bowl 2019 - University of MN Morris 2019 - Open Book 2019

Enough / خلص

ENOUGH / خلص is the darker, isolated moments of solitude where we are alone and have to try to comprehend… all of this. It is where one works slowly through pain, not just the pain of the most recent events, but once again takes in the weight of histories of pain. Once again, asking WHY? What to do with this sadness? With this rage? Because honestly, I (we) are just tired. I (we) are exhausted by this labor and want to shout ENOUGH. This phase of frustration is a regular visitor, but what comes of it? How can we continue healing to reenergize and stand up strong once again? And that is the impetus felt in the moment when I begin creating work.

film, movement, editing: Leila Awadallah // Sound by Shams Asma

Presented by: Weisman Art Museum